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        When it comes time for auto service, people can tend to be intimidated. Here, at 'The Shop' Mobile Automotive Repair, we are trying to change the way you feel about Mobile Automotive Mechanic Service. We are dedicated to giving you top quality workmanship, along with a customer service which is in a league of its own, and 100% integrity and Pride in everything that we do.Here or there with us at 'The Shop' Mobile Automotive Repair, we can Service and Repair any make and any model, from the most basic of maintenance services, to most of the major repairs –

                         'THE SHOP' CAN FIX IT!                                          We here at 'The Shop' Mobile Automotive Repair, are here to build our business through building relationships with YOU our valued customers. With this in mind we are also extremely proud to represent this New form of mobile auto repair to our local community of Sacramento & Surrounding Areas. We hope that you will help & support our New Movement by giving us a chance to prove that our New form of MOBILE Auto Repair is the new leading way to repair vehicles in this day and age.








        I am CB the owner to 'The Shop' Mobile Automotive Repair and I will always be the first to extend my hand to be the first hand you will shake plus I will always be there to assist with your understanding about the repairs being done to your vehicle in any way possible. I look forward to meeting you when we come to your location to

                           do the repairs to your vehicle.                                                                                    
          For the best & most affordable way to have your car        repaired, you can start by callin The Shop'Repair, at    (916)829-6557 ask for CB then give him your Year, Make, Model, & Engine Size.








         That along with a little info about your vehicle will get him to out 2 of our well trained auto techs of 4+ years in this industry, to be at the location you sent us within 35-45   minutes to get you safely bacc on the

            road as quicc as            

       Plus we know that the best part is "We are open 24/7 thats 24 hours a day, 7 days a week & 365 days a year"

                                  all with your comfort in mind.                                                                    
       So Boss, the next time you think your vehicle needs any type of service or repair. Please give us the opportunity To prove that our new way is the best way to repair all vehicles by calling us at (916)829-6557 and let CB know how we can help you plus whats going on so our Team can help you get on your way. You’ll be happy that you gave us a chance. 

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