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Mobile Automotive Repair

We give you Corprate Quality

for bout half or less than the Corprate Price


All of our Mechanics here at

    *****'The Shop' *****

  Mobile Automotive Repair

have all been in the Automotive industry for over 30 year.

So Trust me when i say 'There's not much dealing with these vehicle that we haven't seen nor heard.'


With the services we provide

   *****'The Shop'***** 

  Mobile Automotive Repair,

you can bet your bottom dollar that we can get your vehicle sounding & running better  than  it was before we arrived to the location

Mechanic's Garage

Our  Diagnostic  process  are  One-Of-A-Kind 

When  you  have  us  give  you  a 

Diagnostic ,  You  are  not  just

using a  simple  computer

but  you  are  usin  

the  combination  computer 

and  30  plus  years  of   knowledge 

from  experience  to  diagnose  this   

problem  your  having  with Great  Accuracy

    Diagnostics for $80.00

           $50.00 out of that 

                        $80.00 will go

                          towards the

l                          abor aspect

                            of the bill.

Mechanic Shop on Wheels!

 We Come To You

With our Deals

Vinage Car


OVER 30+ YEARS                      

      EXPERIENCE                      Within This Automotive                                                  Industry     




   With this many years of Experiences between us,

              You should know that We must know our stuff.

Great Work Aint Cheap,


Cheap Work Aint Great!!!!




We know that when cars break down, they do not break down only when shops are open they break down ANY TIME they want to.

So what help would we be if we limited ourselves with open & closed hours. So if  you break down at 2am you can call us and we will send someone out to help you get back on the road.

​We have the most accurate DIAGNOSTIC around along with our quickness alot of people say we are on that fine line of inexspencive and average but how quicc & how much of our PRIDE boss into our work that alone is priceless

All of our Mechanics are well trained with years up under their belts, years of real life hands on experance not just school experance. 

Yes school is good but hands on get you ready for any sittuation that is thown at us. With our knowlage of automobile you know that you will be in great hands.


Let Us Come Visit You  


Get Your Vehicle Bacc

      On The Road

 Since 2010 we have been Serving

    Sacramento & Surrounding


'The Shop' 

Mobile Automotive Repair


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   24 hours a day


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